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Mark Peynado has a long standing love for music.

His experience covers many genres of music including Jazz, Pop, R&B, Rock, Big band and gospel.


Back To Basics

Mark began drumming at the age of 2, when he was using pens as drum  sticks and the lamp shades as cymbals in his parents home. Being born  into a family of ministers, he gradually began playing during church  services, and by the age of 15 he was playing professionally at Carteret  High School located in New Jersey.  Mark, under the guidance of Mr.  Allan Fossa his music teacher, was taught how to read music and make it  sound natural at the same time. During high school, Mark joined the  marching and show bands and the jazz ensemble. He toured with the jazz  ensemble and show band from 2002-2005 playing at Giants Stadium (NJ),  Disney World (FL), The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (OH) and South Street  Seaport (NY) to name a few. In 2005, Mark won the USSBA Association  "Outstanding Soloist" award for his rendition of Louie Bellson's song  piece entitled "Skin Deep".  After high school, Mark went on to complete  his Bachelor's degree in Business Management in 2010, where he was  afforded the opportunity to work for the Department of Children and  Families in New Jersey while maintaining a constant schedule of drumming  engagements,  music clinics and drum lessons. 


The Credits

Mark’s drumming credits include Tour drummer/musician for RCA recording  artist Parson James where he played on NBC’s Late Night with Seth Meyers  Show, BET Sunday’s Best Season #1 winner Crystal Aikin, Indie Label MJ  Records for live shows and studio sessions, The Rolls Royce Fashion show and the LaCreme fashion show during the NYC Fashion Show Week. Recording Artist Daria Jones, Singer/Actor A’ndre Davis, contemporary gospel group, Sacred  Road, The B-Side Entertainment Music Group and Many More... Mark is also  grateful for the opportunity to serve as a musician and Levite at his  home church Gospel Light Church in Newark, NJ as well as the United  Presbyterian Church (West Orange, NJ) , Stanwich Congregational Church  (Stamford, NJ) and the Second Congregational Church (Greenwich, CT).
Mark has played on stages all across the USA, United Kingdom, Jamaica, Mexico and New Zealand.

See Mark In Action

Check Out Mark On NBC’s Late Night with Seth Meyers Playing With Parson James

Check out Mark playing at Worship Night in Greenwich, Connecticut

Check out Mark playing at Worship Night in Greenwich, Connecticut

Check out Mark playing at Worship Night in Greenwich, Connecticut

Check Out Mark playing with Catalysts!

Mark playing in New Zealand with Stan walker and Parson James.

Walking by Mary Mary - Mark Peynado drum cover

The Boy is Mine by Brandy Ft. Monica - Mark Peynado Drum Cover

Check out Mark playing with the B-Side Band!

Check out the B-Side Band!

Check out Mark in action with Daria Jones 

Quote of the Month

Thanks To Jenna and Zoë

Mark is one of the most talented drummers we have worked with. Not only did he show up prepared, knowing our original music backwards and forwards, but his ability to take direction and follow our lead made rehearsals and the performance smooth and effortless. Mark perfectly captured our brand and our original sound, but breathed a freshness into our music. His ability to tastefully incorporate following our lead with creative liberty created the perfect percussion lines for our live record. We would highly recommend Mark to anyone looking for a drummer and we can't wait to work with him again.


Past Quotes of the month

Thanks to @jigsawmarcus

Corona Capital. I’ll never forget the drummer of Parson James, we totally had a connection, all we did was dance and enjoy music. At the end he gave his drumsticks and to a security guy, so he could give them to me, but all he did was throw the sticks to the public. I was pissed, but the drummer just looked at me and said “I got you man, I got you”. At some point during the preparation for the next band, I was looking at my phone, and I hear people making a lot of noise, it was that drummer, walking towards me with a pair of used sticks, he gave them to me, looked at my eyes and said “I got you man” smiled and gave me a big hug. I was freaking out, yelling thank you, you’re the best… it was a moment to remember. I’m completely grateful for the gesture of kindness, I just know that I’ll follow @iamparsonjames for a long time That show was very very good, if only I knew the name of that drummer. If you read this one day… I got you man! And there’s that Green Day pick!

Check out the post here

Thanks to Katie Nelson

Mark (the groove machine) Peynado 
I have never met a drummer who follows better than Mark. One flinch of my eyebrow or twitch of my big toe and he knows exactly where I’m headed. Sounds superfluous but really…I am a more confident artist and leader with Mark as my drummer because I trust his preparation, ability, and team skills. He plays what the songs require and more! Never distracting, always aware of what the room is begging for. Mark has become a brother and a trusted friend who I hope to create music with for many years. His professionalism and kindness calls everyone around him to excelle

Check Out Katie Here

Thanks To A’ndre Davis

Actor, Singer, Song-Writer and Playwright of the #1 Urban Stage Play “Man of the House”

Humility + Talent + Drive + Dependability = Mark Peynado
As the drummer of the SpiritMakerz, Mark's versatility, retention of material, ability to follow, and entertainment qualities help to enhance the overall show and brand. His love for what he does shines thru every time he picks up those sticks. I am thankful and blessed that we have crossed paths and look forward to creating even more history. "Cardinal" whether you're with me or playing for anyone else, you will always have my support. Keep your same humility as your star continues to shine bigger and brighter.

Much Respect Bro,
A’ndre aka the Chief Prophet

Check out A'ndre Here

Thanks To Daria Jones

Singer, Songwriter, Actress, Model and Professor

“My Favorite Drummer aka Mark Peynado is absolutely an amazing human being to work with. He works hard, he’s a professional, he makes this musical journey easy, I’m forever grateful for him rocking with the kid and being part of the team” ~ Daria Jones

“Giving Up is not an option, you WILL fail, you Will fall, you Will cry, there will be cuts & bruises, but you WILL not ever lose if YOU pursue your dreams with Love!” ~Daria Jones

Daria is Currently an actress on a one night only tour with the #1 Urban Stage Play “Man of the House.”  Daria is also the Founder of the  Community Organization the D.O.L.L (Deserving Opportunities for Lovely Ladies) House.  Check her out on instagram @dariasings2u & @thedollhousenj for all Information. 

Check Out Daria Here

Thanks To Jules Drucker

Mark is an amazing guy, musically and personally. He’s a man of high integrity and one that I can always count on. I’ve worked with Mark on practically every sort of musical scenario and he’s solid 

every time. Anyone who hires Mark knows that they’ve got someone special. His attitude and personality can’t be beat and that’s one of the many reasons that I try to work with him in every opportunity I get. Love you bro!!

-Jules Drucker (Vivian Green, Jaheim, Mack Wilds, Syleena Johnson)

Thanks To Charles A. Brown

“In addition to being a vicious drummer and absolute pocket monster, Mark Peynado is the definition of the consummate professional and contributing team member. There’s a vast talent pool of incredible musicians around but I believe great music has just as much to do with energy, synergy and chemistry as it does talent. Mark embodies and has a surplus of each of these elements. Mark understands his foundational role in any musical situation and his awareness and musical acuity makes him a Musical Director’s ideal collaborator!”
Charles A. Brown
B-Side Entertainment Group
Founder and CEO

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Mark has a long standing love for music.